Grimsby Historical Society

Grimsby Historical Society was incorporated¬†April 10, 1949. ¬† The first directors of the Executive were Willard Willis Wright, Adam Nelles Rutherford, Lorne Miles MacMillan, Jean Douglas Powell and George Rochester Lewis.​​​
The key objectives of the society are:

  • to promote interest in and study of matters of historical interest

  • to erect momuments, placques or other forms of markers deemed to be of historical significance

  • to write, publish, print, sell and distribute papers, pamphlets and books concerning matters of historical interest

  • to acquire, hold, preserve and improve relics, records and personal property of historical interest

  • to accept donations, gifts, legacies and bequests for the above objectives

​Current Board of Directors

President -Linda Coutts
Vice Chair - Fran Chesney
Treasurer - Catharine Bingle-Gonnson
Secretary - Linda McLenachan
Archives Director - Elaine Magri
Media Coordinator - Elaine Magri
Membership Director - Dorothy Wood
Publications Director - Lyndsay Dobson
Programme Director - Peter Carr-Locke
Social/Special Events Coordinator - Kate Pyatt