Grimsby Historical Society

Grimsby Historical Society was incorporated April 10, 1949.   The first directors of the Executive were Willard Willis Wright, Adam Nelles Rutherford, Lorne Miles MacMillan, Jean Douglas Powell and George Rochester Lewis.​​​
Mission Statement:

Create a robust and relevant organization with a clear and measurable tactical plan resulting in the successful promotion, preservation and championing of heritage within the community.

The key objectives of the society are:

  • to promote interest in and study of matters of historical interest

  • to erect momuments, placques or other forms of markers deemed to be of historical significance

  • to write, publish, print, sell and distribute papers, pamphlets and books concerning matters of historical interest

  • to acquire, hold, preserve and improve relics, records and personal property of historical interest

  • to accept donations, gifts, legacies and bequests for the above objectives

New - Updated June 2017
​ Board of Directors

President - Fran Chesney
Vice President - Ken Bauman
Treasurer - Catharine Bingle-Gonnson
Secretary - Linda McLenachan
Past President - Linda Coutts
Social Media & Archives Director - Elaine Magri
Membership  Director- Dorothy Wood
Publications/Newsletters Director- Lyndsay Dobson
Programme Director - Peter Carr-Locke
Social & Special Events Director - Kate Pyatt