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The late Malcolm Cline kindly donated to us his research on the Cline family, collected over many years. You are invited to come and research your family here. Mr. Cline has also given us a limited number of copies of a beautiful, professionally printed Cline Family Tree. The document measures 42" by 58" -perfect for the wall of your office or family room. To order your copy, please get in touch with Grimsby Archives. The family tree is $20; postage and handling may be $15 to $20 depending on where you live, so a personal visit to the Archives would be to your advantage.

NEWS FOR NELLES RESEARCHERS Through the generosity of donors, Grimsby Historical Society Archives now has a large number of photocopied pages of Robert Nelles documents from the National Archives in Ottawa, and Henry Nelles papers from the Provincial Archives in Toronto, as well as two reels of microfilm. Please come and see this material.

We also have some lovely colour posters of the Nelles family crest, available for $10 each plus postage.

We have over 100 files on area families, some containing considerable genealogical information. The major family names include:







*Boughton, Buchner, Doan, Skinner

*Bowslaugh, Beamer, VanDuzer
*Boughton, Doan, Skinner










*Leigh, Lewis Z.

*Mabie (Mabey)



*Smith (Dr. Joseph Rymal)
*Smith (John)
*Smith (Silas)
*Ten Broeck
*Ten Eyck
*Van Duzer
*Van Dyke


2001-200 - Margaret Gibson Collection. School registers, school board minute books, research material on Grimsby High School, Grimsby Mother's Club, Grimsby Players' Guild
2001-201 - Nora & Bob Aldrick Collection. Photos by Bob Aldrick
2002-202 - Geraldine Marshal McDonald Collection. Framed photo of Albert Marsh and his five sons, with dates.
2001-203 - Florence Martin Collection.  Photos of Hamilton, Grimsby & Beamsville Railway.
2001-204 - Province of Ontario. Ontario Land Records Indix ca. 1788 - c. 1920 - micro fiche.
2002-205 - William Poole Collection.  Posters and other material hand-printed by the late William Poole.

2001-206 - Albert & Grace Sowa Collection. Grimsby postcards.

2001-207 - Pat & Elda Ryan Collection. Photos of Nelles, Croft, Ryan, Petersen and Allen families.

2001-208 - Canadian Federation of University Women collection.  Records of Grimsby Chapter 1991-2001.

2001-209 - Flamborough Archives Fonds. Green genealogy.

2002-210 - Tom Prieur Collection. 1952 survey maps of Grimsby.

2002-211 - Ron & Jackie Arkell Collection. History of Hagar School, class photos from Calder and Hagar Schools.

2002-212 - EComulab Fonds.  CD of photos of Grimsby historic homes.

2002-213 - Jean Petersen Collection.  Scrapbooks and photos of Hagar and Calder Schools; family trees of Nelles, Pettit, Kitchen, Moore.

2002-214 - Alfreda Jeffries Collection. Family information on Cline, Book, Smith Tufford, Stevenson; miscellaneous material.

2002-215 - Reita Hawkey Collection. Beamer, Bowslaugh and Van Duzer material.

2002-216 - May and Ernie Stuart Collection. Fires and firemen in Grimsby.

2002-217 - Joyce Westall Collection.

2002-218 - West Lincoln Historical Society Fonds. Grimsby advertisements.

2002-219 - Garth & Malika Dittrick Collection. War of 1812.

2002-220 - Lincoln Public Library Collection. The Twenty Club.

2002-221 - Ada Bromley Collection. Music, genealogy queries, education, Ontario Genealogical Society, I.O.D.E., Grimsby Historical Society material
2001-222 - Betts Collection - information from government of North Grimsby Township.

2002-223 - John Gillespie Collection. Grimsby High School and Park School items.

2002-224 - Lindsay Dobson Collection. Community Arts Network.

2002-225 - George Leng Collection. History and photos of 61 MainStreet East, automobile records.

2002-226 - Tom Parker Collection.  Photos and information on Lake Lodge School.

2002-227 - Allan Smith Collection. Lake Lodge School, Denwycke House, Neutral Indian dig, Fraleigh/Chase/Henry genealogy

2001-228 - Suzann Hoffman Collection. Diary of Rev. George Grout, genealogies on Walker/Green, Woolverton/Glover, Fleker families.

1999-229 - J.W. Unwin Collection.  Diaries, scrapbooks, journals, annual reports from Fruit Growers Association, early 1900s.

2003-230 - Marlow Collection. Deeds, mortgages, financial statements for Township of North Grimsby and Town of Grimsby.

2003-231 - Evelyn & Howard Walters Collection. Grimsby Park, Grimsby High School, Fifty Point Park, Fifty United Church.

2003-232 - Richard K. Beamer Collection. Report entitled "Beamer-Beemer-Bemer"

2003-233 - Dorothy Turcotte Collection. Grimsby Beach, Grimsby Park, Grimsby Public Library

2002-234 - Howard Clausen Collection. Merrit Basket Factory

2003-235 - Charlene Bernhardt Collection. 

2001-236 - Grimsby Public Art Gallery. Grimsby Public Library and Art Gallery.

2003-237 - Adair Collection. Adair family history.

2003-238 - Aldridge Collection. Bowman and Camp families genealogy.

2003-239 - Servais Collection. Servais family history.

2003-240 - Smiths of Glanford Collection. Smith family history.

2002-241 - Donna Fortman Collection. Caleb Travis genealogy.

2003-242 - Field Collection. 

2003-243 - Dudley Buck Collection. Strawn and Broughton history.

2000-244 - Doris Cline Ward Collection. Cline family

2003-245 - Brian Macaulay Collection. Photos on CD of Main Street historic homes.

2003-246 - Alene Weir Collection. Blair family.

2003-247 - Georgina McDougall McCallum Collection. Alexander home,postcards.

2003-248 - Chamber of Commerce Collection. VCR tape History of Grimsby Beach.

2003-249 - Gladys Jackson Collection. Saltfleet.

2003-250 - Bell Telephone Collection. Photos and info donated by retired telephone operators in Grimsby.

2003-251 - Maisie Cullingford Collection. 

2004-252 - Nicholas Saunders Collection. Studemus.

2004-253 - Coutts Collection. Photocopies of 157 pages of Henry Nelles papers from the Archives of Ontario, plus two reels of microfilm.
2004-254 - Hull Collection. Photocopies of 480 pages of Robert Nelles papers from the National Archives of Canada.
2004-255 - Malcolm Cline Collection. Much of Mr. Cline's lifetime research on the Cline family including family trees for the Chalmers, Coulter, and Page/Dutton families.

2004-256 - Catherine Niemi Collection.
2004-257 - Jim Thoman Collection.  Genealogy reports on the families of Ezekiel Russ, Johannes Beamer, Joseph Smith, Thomas Pettit, the Rev. James Gilray, Amos Fairwell and William Lawrence.
2004-258 - Margery Ellis Collection.  Farewell Family.
2004-260 - Rannie Collection
2004-261 - Sylvia Droughan Collection. 1869 Family Bible of Fitch/Robbins families,
2004-262 - Marion Halcrow Collection
2004-263 - Treherne Collection. Maisemore Farm.
2004-264 - Bos Collection. Peach King Dairy butter wrappers.
2004-265 - Paul Bryant Collection.
2005-266 - Helen & Bill Richardson Collection. Maisemore Farm.
2005-267 - Alan & Judy Jordan Collection. Early minute book of Grimsby Library Board.
2005-269 - Elizabeth Lawrence Buchan Collection. Grimsby Park/Beach.
2005-270 - John Allan Collection. Photos of Grimsby Beach on CD.
2005-271 - Bruce Murdoch Collection. Photos of Grimsby
2005-272 - David Schultz Collection. Non-profit housing, Concerned Citizens,amalgamation, mayoral elections.
2005-273 - Eleanor Brubaker Collection. Edward Bowslaugh diaries.
2005-274 - Shafer/Latchford Collection. Plans for Shafer buildings.
2006-275 - Ewart W. Blackmore Collection.
2006-276 - Jim Roszel Collection. CD with 1162 pages of Roszel family history.
2006-277 - Earle Metcalf Collection.
2006-278 - Eva Annable Collection. Annable family of Canada.
2006-279 - Rosebrugh Collection. Holiday Harbour/Lakeside Estates.
2006-280 Bev Harnum Collection.
2006-281 - Blazenko Collection. Place Polonaise.
2007-282 - Carol Jones Collection. documents re: Grimsby Beach.
2007-283 - Robert Huggard Collection. Crooks, Lawrason, Logie, Pettit.
2007-284 - Jack Beamer Collection. Beamer family history.
2007-286 - Donna Carpenter Collection. Carpenter family history.
2008-287 - June Bird Collection. Frampton & Adams families.
2008-288 - Swierenga Collection.  Etherington, Jarvis, Horning, Rittenhouse, Kolb-Culp, Hunsberger, Fretz, Troup, Snyder, Mayer families.
2008-289 - Southward Collection. Documents re: lot #4, Conc. 1. Aplin Family.
2008-290 - Opti-Mrs. of Grimsby Collection.
2008-291 - Mary V. Nelles Collection. Books and binders of Nelles family history.

2009-292 - Beverly Lipsitt Collection. Original deeds and genealogies of Green/Yaeger/Lipsitt families

2009-293 - Everett Lampman Collection. Genealogy of Nathan Lan Clan.

2009-294 - Ron Wilson Collection. Easy Built Model Co.

2009-295 - Allison Hall Collection. Plan of Deer Park Golf Course and John Hewitt Estate.

2009-296 - Pat & Don Grove Collection. Grimsby train stations.

2009-297 - Doug Kelterborn Collection. West Lincoln Memorial Hospital cornerstone 1948

2010-298 - Ivy Slater Collection. 

2010-299 - Bill Fisher Collection. 

2010-300 - William Gee Collection. Grimsby Park, Bowslaugh land divisions, Gee family tree

2010-302 - Mabey Collection.

2007-303 - Gordon Rose Collection - Grimsby railway station.

2010-304 - Andrea DeClerq Collection.

2011-305 - Warren McCrea Collection.

2011-306 - Margaret Cassidy Collection. 

2011-307 - Wilcox Collection.

2011-308 - Keith Parsonage Collection. Blossom Time Music Festival.

2011-309 - Fader Collection. Grimsby Park.

2011-311 - John Haynes Collection. Genealogies for Metcalf and Clarke families

2012-312 - J.W. VanDyke Collection. Grimsby Parkway Steamboat Dock Company

2012-313 - Pickett Collection. Genealogies and photos of Pickett, Smith, Scouten, Ferris, Slater, Wells, Stewart, Beamer families

2012-314 - Catharine Bingle-Gonnsen Collection.St. Andrew's Anglican Church cemetery

2012-315 - Katharyn Rouse Collection. Material relating to Grimsby schools


If you have other family interests from the Grimsby area, please get in touch with us at

Grimsby Historical Society Archives has received a donation of material from the estate of the late Ada Bromley who was a founding member of the Grimsby Historical Society and the Hamilton Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society. Mrs. Bromley had a wide range of interests, and her files include material on genealogy, the United Church, the IODE, and the Grimsby Historical Society. As an dedicated member of the Board of Education, she collected information on the developments in education in the 1940s, 50s and 60s, with special emphasis on teachers's salaries. This collection may be of interest to anyone researching this aspect of education during the period mentioned.

We hope to keep growing so that we can conserve and preserve as much as possible of our town's past.

Visit us on Adelaide Street, Grimsby or direct your correspondence to Grimsby Historical Society Archives, P.O. Box 294, Grimsby, Ontario L3M 4G5 (905) 309-0796

   Interested researchers, genealogists and history lovers are invited to visit the Archives Mondays and Wednesdays from 9 until 3,  and  Friday mornings from 9 until 12 noon, or by appointment. Or you may telephone us, or send an e-mail message to

Visit our friends in West Lincoln. They may have the information you need.
West Lincoln Historical Society

Lincoln and Stoney Creek have also established archives for their communities. We will post contact information for them in the near future.



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