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Books available from the Grimsby Historical Society Archives.  Books may be ordered from the Grimsby Historical Society, P.O. Box 294, Grimsby, Ontario L3M 4G5,  by visiting the Grimsby Historical Society Archives at the corner of Adelaide and Ontario Streets, Grimsby, Ontario or calling (905) 309-0796
Cheques or money orders should be made payable to Grimsby Historical Society. When sending a money order from outside of Canada, please be sure that it is an international money order.

Annals of the Forty - by R. Janet Powell. Soft cover. A history of Grimsby and West Lincoln 1783 - 1883 in ten volumes.
$10 each, $95 for the set of ten.
  1. The Coming of the Loyalists 1783 - 1787
  2. Fifty Years of Municipal Government 1790 - 1840
  3. Loyalist and Pioneer Families - A to B
  4. Loyalist and Pioneer Families - C to F
  5. Loyalist and Pioneer Families - G to K
  6. Loyalist and Pioneer Families - L to N
  7. Loyalist and Pioneer Families - N to R
  8. Loyalist and Pioneer Families - R to S
  9. Loyalist and Pioneer Families - T to Z
  10. Grimsby Settlement to Village 1816 - 1876

People and Places from Grimsby's Past by Dorothy Turcotte -  soft cover - $20

Legacy - the Nelles Story - Pioneers, Loyalists, Founding Families by Dorothy Turcotte - soft cover - $20

   also available - the Nelles crest - $10.00 plus postage

Gleanings from Grimsby by Dorothy Turcotte - soft cover $20

Greetings from Grimsby Park by Dorothy Turcotte - soft cover - $20

Engagement at the Forty (video) - $7.50


The streets of Grimsby A to W, published by Grimsby Archives in partnership with the Grimsby Heritage Advisory Committee - $2

In the shadow of the escarpment by Paul L. Bingle - hard cover - $25

12 Historic Homes of Grimsby  by Catharine Bingle-Gonnsen -soft cover -  $15

Once upon a little town: a history of Grimsby 1876-1976 - hard cover - $10

Grimsby & district 1901: illustrated and descriptive souvenir of the fruit belt area - soft cover - $5

Life and times of Grimsby High School by Margaret Gibson - hard cover - $20


The life and work of Ruby Janet Powell by Jean Powell - soft cover - $5

Ride through the garden of Canada by William E. Blaine - history of the Hamilton, Grimsby and Beamsville Railway - soft cover - $5

Two hundred years at "The Forty"; the official history of Union Lodge A.F. & A.M. No. 7, G.R.C., Grimsby, Ontario. Complied by Robert J. Brooks. 1999. $20

Bearing Witness. The tale of a people and their legacy. (An Immigrant's Story) by George Djuro Budimir - $20

Target: an account of my life as a R.C.A.F. World War II Lancaster Bomb Aimer by H. Lawrence Cosby - soft cover - $10

Vernon's 11th Annual Niagara District and Hamilton Classified Directory for the year 1901 to May, 1902 - $5

Stone from the mountain by William Rannie - $5

The lady and the manor by William Rannie - $5

Lincoln - the story of an Ontario town by William Rannie - $5

"Home" children from abroad and other stories about Lincoln by William Rannie - $5

Canadian whiskey: the product and the industry by William Rannie - $1


Also available at GrimsbyHistorical Society  Archives -beautiful tinted print after the original by Elizabeth Simcoe, May, 1793. View of Forty Mile Creek and Main Street West with saddle-bags preacher in foreground. 12"X16". Retouched by Grimsby's own Garth Dittrick. $10.00

No tax on books or print.

Postal and Handling extra

Photocopy (in house) 50 per page
Photocopy (by mail) 50 per page ($2 minimum)
Transcriptions (including postage) $2 per page (minimum $5)
Research $15 per hour (as time permits)

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